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        Preschool Class

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        Little Explorers Preschool program is divided into two classes: Preschool and Pre-K.  The Preschool class is for children 2-3 1/2 years old or 2-3 years from transitioning into kindergarten.  We at Little Explorers know how important your little ones are and know that you only want the very best for your child.  It is our goal to give your child the very best!  We are dedicated to giving your child the best care and quality, age appropriate education.  At Little Explorers your child will be in a very loving, caring and nurturing environment where they feel comfortable and safe.
        The Preschool Class is a play and exploration-based program.  While in the Preschool class your child will learn colors, shapes, letter and number recognition and how to write their name to name a few.  The Preschool class gets the children ready for the Pre-K class.  They participate in art projects, circle time, outside time, and free play.  During circle time children sing songs, read books, learn colors and shapes, practice counting, discuss the topic of the week, etc.

           The Preschool class also take several field trips during the year.  During the summer we spend two days at Burnt Cedar, take many exploration trips, go to the water park, and take part in many community events.  During the winter we take walking trips to go sledding.

Preschool Class Schedule

7:45 - 9:00          arrival and group free play
9:30                    snack time
10:00 - 11:00      circle time, art
11:00                  outside play
12:00                  lunch time
1:00                    nap time
3:30                    snack time
4:00                    outside play/free play until pick up
4:30 - 6:00          pick up

This is only a tentative schedule, depends on children and their needs

Diapers are check and changed many times throughout the day.